About Our Doggy Daycare

Our Process

To play in doggy daycare, we have a few requirements to ensure a fun and safe environment:

  1. Vaccinations- all daycare dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccines.
  2. Our daycare test protocol- we first test your pets with employees only and grade their human interactions, we then test your pets with a pre-approved veteran daycare dog to grade their interactions with other canines. If they pass, they are accepted into daycare.
  3. Our daycare requirements ensure that we have the safest, funnest, and most friendly daycare around!

Daycare Photos

We take lots of pictures at Wil-A-Lo, check out our Facebook to see what our daycare is like, or check out our Testimonials/Photos tab!

Daycare Paperwork

New Client Form (docx)


Medical and Photo Authorization (docx)


Group Outings Liability Form (pdf)